Santiago, Dominican Republic
Offshore Electronic Manufacturing, Inc. (OEM) is a an American owned contract manufacturer of electronic components and re-furbisher of cell phone accessories
located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. 

Since founding the company in June 2000, OEM has produced excellent quality acoustical cables, handsets, headsets, cable assembly, coaxial cables, harnesses, and various magnet air coils that met customer requirements.

On-time shipments, one of our priorities, have always met our customer’s expectations.
OEM is proud of the fact that there have been no late shipments in the history of our company. Normal turnaround time from order receipt to shipping is two weeks. 

In November 2004, OEM added processes for the refurbishing of cell phone accessories which has become an important part of the business

OEM's production system is made up of small work groups with written work instructions where WIP is carefully scheduled, controlled, and monitored. Operators are trained to use correct methods and to monitor quality from previous operations.  In addition, there are various inspections and testing for all products, including a 100% inspection and statistical auditing upon completion.

The work force is very stable, averaging 4.5 years of experience.  Virtually all operators are cross trained to perform multiple operations.  OEM is in a lucrative labor market where experienced and trainable staff is abundant.  All workers understand what is individually expected of them and the group in which they work.  They are highly motivated to be outstanding performers and take personal responsibility in meeting all individual work goals.

Santiago, Dominican Republic is a modern city of approximately one million people located in the Cibao Valley, a large fertile area of 400 square miles. OEM’s air conditioned manufacturing facility of 10,000 ft² is located in a guarded, secure Industrial Free Zone. Additional space is available for expanded manufacturing needs. 

There is a new international airport located five miles south of the city.  Shipping ports are easily accessible in Puerto Plata (35 miles) and Santo Domingo (50 miles).  These ports have several shipments to Miami, Philadelphia, and New York each week.

OEM provides assistance to clients with shipping, documentation, and import/export requirements as needed.

Rita Langley

Offshore Electronic Assembly - Wire Harness Assembly 
Cable Assembly - Coaxial Cable - Cords -Magnet and RF Coils Refurbish Cell Phone Accessories

OEM  Tel: 1(809) 570-3335, 1(809) 570-3336  Fax: 1(809) 570-3338   email:
OEM Factory, Santiago, Dominican Republic
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OEM  Tel: 1(809) 570-3335, 1(809) 570-3336  Fax: 1(809) 570-3338   email:
OEM  Tel: 1(809) 570-3335, 1(809) 570-3336  Fax: 1(809) 570-3338   email: